Landlords and authorized representatives registration

Landlord pre-registration is now closed. If you received an invitation to register, please use the email or text link in your invitation. You can also sign in to check your status or work on your registration.

While EPRAP rent assistance funding is still available DCHS has contracted with United Way King County Homebase program to process applications for tenants that pre-registered before February 28, 2022, through the tenant portal on our website, while rent assistance funding is available. Starting May 23rd payments to landlords will be processed by UWKC.

Landlord Eligibility and Requirements

  • Your residential property(ies) must be located within the King County geographical area
  • Must provide a lease
  • Must provide documentation showing your tenant(s) have missed/past due rent payments not paid or partially unpaid since March 1, 2020, and they are still occupying the residence. 
  • Must submit all required documentation, including a Form W-9. Documents submitted in response to this request shall be considered part of the application under the Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program, and, as such, are subject to public disclosure laws.
  • Must agree to the Terms & Conditions (see below)
  • Must provide banking information (Automated Clearing House) or a physical address for mailing of payment
  • Must agree to the T-RAP Payment Agreement Form
  • Credit tenant’s account within 5 business days of receiving payment

You will receive notification of the total amount of rental assistance approved. We will make payments via ACH (automatic clearing house). In rare instances, we can make payments via check.

Landlord Terms and Conditions

As the Landlord, property manager/owner, or person authorized to accept payment, I certify the above information is true and will abide by the terms and conditions below from the signing of this agreement and all applicable provisions of WA State Landlord-tenant law. 

For purposes of this Agreement, the term "rent" means reoccurring and periodic charges identified in the rental agreement for the use and occupancy of the premises, as defined under state law. Utility payments included in the lease and paid by the landlord are considered rent.  The term "payment period" is the months the tenant rent is past due and the future rent to be paid (See Section 2.b for months covered).

I also acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Agree to accept the Total EPRAP Payment as full satisfaction of any rent balance owed for the Payment Period, including all utilities and fees.  (See Section 4 for Total EPRAP Payment)

  • Agree that no new late fees or additional charges will be made for the Payment Period.  

  • Agree to not increase the rent for the household described above for at least six months after the Payment Period.

  • Agree to not evict, terminate or refuse to renew the above household's tenancy until at least after six months following the Payment Period, unless: (a) a household member materially violates the terms of the lease; (b) a household member is creating a significant and immediate risk to the health, safety, or property of others; or (c) at least 60 days 'written termination notice is provided to the household based on the Landlords intent to (i) personally occupy the premises as a primary residence, or (ii) sell the property.  

  • I waive all rent that is more than nine months past due, including all utilities and fees. 

  • Agree not to invoke RCW 59.18.410(3)(d) to prohibit a tenant ability to seek relief provided by that section if any of the notices to pay or vacate were served prior to the signing of this agreement. 

  • Agree to provide additional verifying information and documentation to King County, including evidence of lease and/or ledger, upon request. You also understand that King County can audit any EPRAP application and to seek repayment of funds if information provided or attested to in this process is incorrect, incomplete, or false.

  • Agree to repay these funds to King County (in their entirety) if I do not fulfill the terms of this Agreement.

By signing this form, I certify, under oath, that Landlord will not receive any additional rent payment by or on behalf of the household / tenant for the Payment Period covered by this Agreement.  Landlord further agrees that if any duplication of payment occurs, it will promptly reimburse King County for the duplicated amount.

Landlord agrees to fully cooperate with any audit regarding the information provided above and compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including but not limited to review of payments that the Landlord has sought or received.